Hi, my name is Adam, and I have created this website to share what I know. Pretty exciting stuff, eh? Maybe you can learn here too!

Groundhog Madness!

Next time, that groundhog better go away from our garden in my backyard! Yes, there is a groundhog who has been eating our plants in our garden. Around 2018, we built a garden in our backyard. It was nice and animal-proof, until we didn't have much room left in the garden to plant. So we have been planting the plants outside of the garden when the big family of groundhogs moved in our backyard and started eating our plants. First, we tried putting spring soap and deer repellent. Didn't work. Next, we tried tiny rubber snakes. Didn't work. Then we bought this huge robot snake, which if the camera sensed any motion, it will move to scare the groundhog away. Didn't stop the groundhog from going into our garden. Then, we bought a wolf-sized robot dog that looks like it survived the apocalypse, and will move if it sensed any motion too. Finally, that's when the groundhog decided to move someplace else because it was tired of that big dog. Hope another groundhog doesn't move in here!

We also made a video to show things clearer. The video is below.

Geography - Cities

This is what I know a lot of. Here are the 30 most popular cities in the world.

Population (2022)

  1. Tokyo, Japan (Pop. 37,274,000) 11. Chongqing, China (Pop. 16,875,000) 21. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Pop. 13,634,000)

  2. Delhi, India (Pop. 29,399,000) 12. Karachi, Pakistan (Pop. 16,840,000) 22. Lahore, Pakistan (Pop. 13,542,000)

  3. Shanghai, China (Pop. 28,517,000) 13. Istanbul, Turkey (Pop. 15,636,000) 23. Bangalore, India (Pop. 13,193,000)

  4. Dhaka, Bangladesh (Pop. 22,478,000) 14. Kinshasa, D.R.C (Pop. 15,628,000) 24. Shenzhen, China (Pop. 12,831,000)

  5. Sao Paulo, Brazil (Pop. 22,430,000) 15. Lagos, Nigeria (Pop. 15,388,000) 25. Moscow, Russia (Pop. 12,641,000)

  6. Mexico City, Mexico (Pop. 22,085,000) 16. Buenos Aires, Brazil (Pop. 15,370,000) 26. Chennai, India (Pop. 11,503,000)

  7. Cairo, Egypt (Pop. 21,750,000) 17. Kolkata, India (Pop. 15,134,000) 27. Bogota, Colombia (Pop. 11,344,000)

  8. Beijing, China (Pop. 21,333,000) 18. Manila, Philippines (Pop. 14,406,000) 28. Paris, France (Pop. 11,142,000)

  9. Mumbai, India (Pop. 20,961,000) 19. Tianjin, China (Pop. 14,012,000) 29. Jakarta, Indonesia (Pop. 11,075,000)

  10. Osaka, Japan (Pop. 19,060,000) 20. Guangzhou, China (Pop. 13,965,000) 30. Lima, Peru (Pop. 11,045,000)

New York City is ranking 41 with a population of 8,930,000.

Geography - Countries

Can you believe I know every single country in the world!? Wow, that's a lot! Well here, I am going to show you the information I know about them. 20 countries, ranked in size. km2 = Kilometer

  1. Russia (km2 17,098,242) 11. D.R.C (km2 2,344,858)

  2. Canada (km2 9,984,970) 13. Saudi Arabia (km2 2,149,690)

  3. U.S.A (km2 9,826,675) 13. Mexico (km2 1,964,375)

  4. China (km2 9,706,961) 14. Indonesia (km2 1,904,569)

  5. Brazil (km2 8,514,877) 15. Sudan (km2 1,861,484)

  6. Australia (km2 7,741,220) 16. Libya (km2 1,759,540)

  7. India (km2 3,287,263) 17. Iran (km2 1,648,195)

  8. Argentina (km2 2,780,400) 18. Mongolia (km2 1,564,110)

  9. Kazakhstan (km2 2,724,900) 19. Peru (km2 1,285,216)

  10. Algeria (km2 2,381,741) 20. Chad (km2 1,284,000)

Fastest cars in the world

I know how a car engine works, and some of the fastest cars in the world. Here are the top 12 fastest cars in the world.

Top speed mph = miles per hour

  1. Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut (330 mph) 7. Koenigsegg Agera RS (278 mph)

  2. Koenigsegg Jesko (310 mph) 8. Buggati Veyron super sport (268 mph)

  3. Buggati Bolide (310 mph) 9. Bugatti Chiron (261 mph)

  4. Buggati Chiron super sport (305 mph) 10. Rimac Concept two (258 mph)

  5. Hennessey Venom F5 (300 mph) 11. SSC Ultimate Aero TT (256 mph)

  6. SSC Tuatara (283 mph) 12. McLaren Speedtail (250 mph)

About me

Hi, my name is Adam. I love Mac & Cheese, soup, Brussels sprouts, chicken, and Chipotle. I play two instruments, piano for 5 years so far, and bass for 2 years so far. Our latest news was "Groundhog madness". It happened around 2018. I really like to color and draw, and my friends say that I am better than amazing at it. I like to travel to different places around the world, although the only time I left the U.S.A border was to go to Toronto, Canada and Quebec, Canada. I have a brother and a sister, and you can check out their website so far. My website started on December 28th, 2022. I hope you like it!

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